Our ESG strategy

Our ESG strategy

More than ever, rigorous management of ESG risks and opportunities is critical to the success of American Airlines and to the health of our planet. We have long recognized their importance and have developed an integrated and transparent approach to ESG management, measurement and reporting. That said, there’s always room for improvement, and we continue to look to best practices within and outside our industry as we refine and strengthen our policies, practices and disclosures.

Our ESG strategy is focused on the issues that are most important to our company and our stakeholders. We periodically conduct formal ESG materiality assessment processes that serve as the foundation of our analysis of areas of risk and opportunity. And, through ongoing engagement across our company and with a broad range of external stakeholders, we validate and, as needed, refine our assessment based on the input we receive and changes in our operating environment.

ESG is an important part of American’s long-term strategy. We don’t look at ESG and other strategic priorities as either/or decisions. The health of people and planet are not separate from the financial health of our company.

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Our ESG goals

American has identified short- and long-term goals to drive progress across our priority ESG issues.

Climate Change and Fuel Efficiency

Goals Target Year 2021 Performance
Receive validation from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for our 2035 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal 2021 Received validation in April 2022
Achieve absolute reduction of 50 million gallons of jet fuel from fuel-efficiency initiatives 2025 Ahead of goal due to pandemic-related schedule reduction and new aircraft efficiency initiatives
Source 2.5 million gigajoules (GJs) of cost-competitive renewable energy 2025 1.35 million GJs of electricity from renewable sources and from sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) since 2019
Replace 10% of our jet fuel with SAF 2030 1.4 million gallons used, 0.05% of total
Reduce GHG emissions intensity by 45% 2035 SBTi goal approved in 2022
Reduce Scope 2 emissions by 40% 2035 SBTi goal approved in 2022
Achieve net zero emissions 2050 Improved fuel efficiency by 10.2% compared with 2013, avoiding 19 million metric tons of CO2

Safety Management

Goals Target Year 2021 Performance
Maintain the highest passenger safety standards with no customer injuries Ongoing One serious customer injury due to turbulence
Reduce on-the-job team member injuries Ongoing Injuries increased but remained below 2019 levels
Reduce aircraft ground damage Ongoing Regional carriers achieved this goal; the mainline aircraft ground damage rate increased

Team Members and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Goals Target Year 2021 Performance
Increase Black representation at the director and above levels by 50% 2021 Exceeded goal
Retain at least 90% of Black leaders at the director and above levels 2021 Achieved goal
Increase Black representation among senior managers by 20% 2021 Achieved goal
Retain 75% of Black management and support staff 2021 Exceeded goal
Increase Black representation at the director and above levels by 15% 2022 Goal set in 2022
Retain at least 90% of people of color at the manager and above levels 2022 Goal set in 2022

Customer Satisfaction and Operational Performance

Goals Target Year 2021 Performance
Improve Likelihood to Recommend scores Ongoing Achieved goal with 1.2 point improvement over 2020
Achieve improved on-time performance percentage, completion factor percentage and mishandled baggage rate (MBR) Ongoing Improved completion factor

MBR rose and on-time performance fell slightly, due largely to the significant increase in flights and travelers
ESG Resource Center

Visit our ESG Resource Center for links to numerous American Airlines documents, policies, webpages and other sources of information about our company’s approach on various ESG topics.

Environment, Social and Governance at American Airlines

Our annual ESG report details American’s approach to managing our priority ESG issues, along with highlights of our progress and performance during the year.
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