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Serving our customers

American Airlines flies to more than 300 destinations in the United States and internationally, and we are committed to providing our customers with a world-class travel experience. While comfort and convenience are essential aspects of our service offerings, we know that dependability and reliability are the foundation for meeting our customers’ needs. Our chief priority is getting passengers to their destinations safely, on schedule and with their baggage in tow.

Reaching record customer satisfaction levels

We rigorously measure and track customer satisfaction through surveys. The feedback we receive helps drive our customer service Initiatives at the airport and in the air. Based on a sampling of approximately 3 million customer surveys, American’s Likelihood to Recommend (LTR) score — a key satisfaction indicator — reached a record high in 2022.



Customer survey

Enhancing the customer experience

Providing exceptional service is crucial to American’s success, and we continue to be recognized for our efforts. For the fifth consecutive year, American received a prestigious Five Star rating in The APEX Official Airline Ratings – Global Airline category in 2022. This rating is based on verified customer feedback on the overall travel experience.

Among recent customer service initiatives, American became the first U.S. airline to guarantee family seating. We also made enhancements to the American Airlines app by giving customers the flexibility to pay for products and services while using its chat function. Customers appreciate having more space for carry-on luggage, which led us to expand overhead bin capacity by 60% on the Airbus 321 and 40% on the Boeing 737. And American continues to have high-speed Wi-Fi on more mainline aircraft than any other carrier.

Being fair and honest in our interactions

We work hard to make our customers' experience a positive one. At the same time, inevitably some of our flights are affected by adverse circumstances — some within our control and others not. When that happens, we have comprehensive policies and processes in place to ensure that American’s customers are treated fairly and receive the assistance they need.

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Providing valuable travel resources

American offers resources that help customers travel with confidence. Through our ongoing VeriFLY partnership, we help passengers understand and verify their requirements for international travel. VeriFLY’s mobile health wallet makes it easy for passengers to upload the forms they need to get verified status for travel. And customers traveling internationally can access our Ready to Fly hub when viewing their eligible reservations on aa.com or through the American Airlines mobile app. Its checklist outlines everything they need for travel.

Cloudy skies on a sunny day

Visit our Resource Center for links to numerous American Airlines documents, policies, webpages and other sources of information about our company’s approach on various sustainability topics.

Sustainability at American Airlines

Our annual sustainability report details American’s approach to managing our priority sustainability issues, along with highlights of our progress and performance during the year.
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