Sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel

The clearest near-term way for us to decarbonize is by using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which is why purchasing and helping scale SAF production is the cornerstone of our climate strategy this decade. Through 2021, American had agreements to take delivery of more than 120 million gallons of SAF. In 2021, we used over 1.4 million gallons of SAF. That makes us the only airline in the United States to report using more than 1 million gallons of SAF during the year.

1.4 M gallons of SAF used in 2021
120 M gallons total SAF commitment to date
Graphic showing the lifecycle emissions difference between conventional jet fuel (+89g CO2e/MJ) and sustainable aviation fuel (60-80% fewer life cycle emissions)

* Emissions data are averages, based on estimates from LCA of Current & Future GHG Emissions from Petroleum Jet Fuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment (opens in new tab). CO2e per megajoule (MJ) is a measure of GHG emissions per unit of energy.

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

Scaling SAF production will take the combined efforts of the private and public sectors. One way American is helping advance those efforts is as an anchor partner of Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a groundbreaking program within the larger Breakthrough Energy network that is working to accelerate the development and commercialization of critical technologies for decarbonization, including SAF.

Breakthrough energy Catalyst

SAF certificate program

Another way we are working to build the SAF market is by partnering with our corporate customers to simultaneously help advance their climate commitments while growing demand for SAF. In early 2021, we launched an innovative pilot program to explore how a new market-based solution — a certificate that allocates the emissions reduction value of SAF — can benefit companies seeking to reduce their Scope 3 business travel emissions while unlocking new capital to boost SAF production.

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