Celebrating Flight Attendants Today and Every Day

Thursday, May 30, 2019, 9:00 AM

May 31 marks Flight Attendant Appreciation Day, and American Airlines is taking the opportunity to celebrate its 28,261 world-class flight attendants. Often considered the face of the airline, flight attendants ensure that customers experience a smooth, enjoyable and safe inflight experience. This annual day of dedication pays respect to their commitment in caring for customers and contributing to a successful operation.

“We are incredibly grateful for our flight attendants, who travel great lengths to serve our customers,” said Jill Surdek, Vice President of Flight Service. “On Flight Attendant Appreciation Day, we celebrate the passion, skill and contributions of our team members who make American a great place to work and set a perfect example to hopeful candidates who are interested in a career in flight service.”

The profession is a unique and in-demand career path available to job seekers worldwide. But becoming a flight attendant is no easy task. American receives more than 130,000 applications each year. Of those applications, only two out of every 125 candidates are selected — which is more selective than all eight Ivy League schools.

*Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

“Our flight attendants are the best in the business,” Surdek said. “Whether they are new to the company or they have been here for the average length of service of 21 years, our flight attendants are always willing and able to assist beyond their usual duties. I’m proud to say that our teams are made of dedicated and passionate professionals who truly care for our customers on life’s journey.”

American flight attendants receive training that covers a variety of situations. Beyond ensuring the comfort of customers onboard, each flight attendant is equipped to navigate complex scenarios, including emergency evacuations on both land and sea. As part of the initial training, each flight attendant must successfully clear an entire aircraft in 90 seconds or less — which is no simple task.

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