American + Casper

Reimagining sleep at 30,000 feet

We’re teaming up with Casper to get you your best flight’s sleep

You're now cleared to ZzZz

When you fly long-haul international or transcontinental First or Business class and Premium Economy, cozy up in flight as Casper brings their sleep expertise straight to your seat. Working with Casper, we tested around 50 products with one goal in mind: helping you achieve the perfect flight’s sleep. From the Casper signature inspired duvet to the innovative lumbar pillow, even the perfect pair of pajamas; with American and Casper, you’re now cleared to ZzZz.

Meet Casper's innovative sleep products

Every detail designed for inflight sleep and comfort

Full Casper Product Line

Full Product Line

Mattress pad, pillow, pajamas, duvet, day blanket, lumbar pillow, slippers

First Class - International Route Items

First Class – Long-Haul International Routes

Mattress pad, pillow, duvet, day blanket, lumbar pillow, pajamas, slippers

First Class - Transcontinental Items

First Class – Transcontinental Routes

Pillow, duvet, lumbar pillow, day blanket

Business Class Items

Business Class – Long-Haul International (SYD, AKL, HKG)

Mattress pad, pillow, duvet, pajamas, slippers

Business Class - Pacific Items

Business Class – Pacific Routes

Pillow, duvet, slippers

Business Class - International and Transcontinental Items

Business Class – Long-Haul International and Trancontinental Routes

Pillow and duvet

Premium Economy Items

Premium Economy

Lumbar pillow and day blanket