American gets creative with new safety video


American Airlines' new safety video focuses on the importance of in-flight safety while providing viewers with a stylized, intriguing and entertaining experience.
The video features American employees from multiple work groups including flight attendants, fleet service and pilots.

“I just think it is really cool that American is putting together this production for the new American, and I think it is going to show the company in a new light,” said Chicago-based flight attendant Tara Martin.

Martin is front and center in the new video, which was directed by Jeff Tremaine who has previously directed commercials spots, like Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial “Up for Whatever” and Allstate’s “Mayhem Sale.”

The idea was to produce an in-flight safety video that is an unexpected treat for the eyes and ears. Every move of the cast, crew and set was choreographed to be in sync with the safety instructions being given to passengers before flight.

“This is one of the more challenging projects I’ve ever worked on,” Tremaine said. “And to get American’s blessing to really ‘go for it’ creatively has been awesome.”

The entire 4-minute, 20-second video is scored to the beat of a custom audio track made entirely from the sounds of the aircraft and airport.

“Our goal was to go on the plane, capture all the sounds that a plane makes,” said Brian Deming, lead composer from Duotone. “Everything that goes into your American Airlines travel experience.”

Take a look at American’s new safety video and learn more about the creation process with our behind-the-scenes video below.