Boeing 737 MAX Return to Service

SafetySafety guides every decision we make

Safety is our No. 1 priority at American. It guides every decision we make and action we take. And, it is with this unequivocal standard that we will return the Boeing 737 MAX to service now that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recertified the aircraft. American has put in place rigorous processes to ensure that every plane in the air is safe and our pilots, flight attendants, team members and customers are confident in the return of the 737 MAX.

CollaborationCollaboration with our union partners

Throughout the 20-month recertification process, American worked closely with the FAA and Boeing, in addition to our union leaders and their safety teams. The company and the Allied Pilots Association (APA), APA’s Ad Hoc Return to Service Committee the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and our Tech Ops team have worked in lockstep with the mutual goal of returning the 737 MAX safely back to service for American.

TransparencyTransparency and flexibility for our customers

We know that restoring our customers’ confidence in this aircraft will come with time and importantly, transparency and flexibility. With enhanced notifications and clarity throughout the booking process, customers will be able to easily identify whether they are traveling on a 737 MAX even if schedules change.

If a customer doesn’t want to fly on a 737 MAX aircraft, they won’t have to. In addition to the elimination of change fees for most customers announced in August 2020, in the immediate term, we’ll provide additional flexibility to ensure our customers can be easily re-accommodated if they prefer not to fly this aircraft type. And if their aircraft type ever changes to a 737 MAX, there is no end to the flexibility our customers will have to feel comfortable. Customers can:

  • Rebook on the next available flight in the same cabin — free of charge.
  • Cancel their trip and receive travel credits redeemable with American Airlines.
  • Change their itinerary within a 300-mile radius at no extra charge if there is no alternative American Airlines flight available to get them to their destination.

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Tell Me Why: “We made improvements not just for American, but for the industry as a whole.” — John DeLeeuw and Chris Hurrell

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DFW to TUL (12/2)

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