American transports Kinsey Collection for first display outside of US


When Khalil Kinsey, the general manager and chief curator of The Kinsey Collection, needed to safely deliver more than 3,000 pounds of priceless artifacts from Los Angeles (LAX) to a museum in Hong Kong (HKG) for an exhibition, Kinsey said he trusted American Airlines, the official airline sponsor of the event, to transport the precious cargo.

Items belonging to The Kinsey African American Art and History Collection included more than 100 artifacts — paintings, sculptures, rare first editions, manuscripts and official records — share the important experiences and contributions made by African Americans. It was all heading to The University of Hong Kong Museum and Art Gallery for the exhibition Rising Above, which tells the story of African American contributions to history.

Why did Kinsey, the only child of The Kinsey Collection founders, turn to American? “My family and I have been loyal customers of American Airlines for nearly 40 years, beginning with my parents who have visited 100 countries and flown millions of miles,” he said. “American has played an integral role in our business from a travel perspective, and we are excited to expand our relationship to the cargo and logistics aspect. The Cargo division provided a smooth and efficient experience that gave us great comfort and confidence that our crates full of priceless contents would be handled with the utmost care, as well as arrive safely and on time."

So, how did we do it? The Cargo division chose a direct flight (LAX–HKG) and partnered with Cooke’s Crating, one of the oldest and most respected fine art shippers. For priceless artifacts, American’s High Value service includes enhanced safety and security measures, such as a special handling and surveillance at every touch point. American quickly and successfully delivered the shipment in prime condition, well before the exhibition’s debut.

Rising Above features notable pieces such as Samuel L. Dunson Jr.’s “The Cultivators” and Laura Wheeler Waring’s “Woman Wearing Orange Scarf.” This is the first display of the Kinsey Collection outside the United States and is open to the Hong Kong community until February 26, 2017.